This month’s IC-FREE Spotlight award goes to…

Coupe from West London.

Coupe is a personal trainer who specialises in bodyweight training. You can find him on Instagram – shedding light on plant-based eating, and there are also multiple videos of him manoeuvring his body into unimaginable positions – proving a point that you don’t need to eat meat to have muscles! He also facilitates free park workouts in West London every Saturday for the public to get involved and get in shape!

Coupe is currently undergoing a 10-14 day fast, where he will consume only water to raise funds for The Angels of Hope orphanage in Ghana.

By doing this, Coupe hopes to bring to light the marvellous work of Victoria Bekye aka Aunty Esi, who single-handedly cares for 57 children (mostly four-year-olds and under) who have been tragically abandoned by their parents.

At their tender ages, these kids have already lived through many of life’s challenges, and Aunty Esi continues to do her utmost to care for them. In dedication to her cause, she has sold her property and valuable personal possessions to pay for housing, medicine, food, schooling and clothing to make the children’s lives better. We are thankful to Coupe who is raising awareness for the work of this beautiful soul, Aunty Esi.

Coupe has made a pledged to continue his fast past the 10-14 days until the donations reach an amount that can make a significant difference to the Angels of hope orphanage.

“I’m going to fast for as long as it takes until I’ve raised enough.

I don’t want everybody to donate just to buy them food. I’m hoping to raise enough money and awareness on this issue to be able to place full-time farmers on the land where the orphanage is located. Furthermore to teach the children how to be self-sufficient and how to grow foods like mangos, sweet potatoes, avocados, paw paw, watermelons and nuts on their property.”

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