YouTube has created a stage for creatives, entrepreneurs and anyone who has something to say. The video sharing website has created opportunities for Youtubers to collaborate with world-renowned brands, transformed local musicians to global stars and turned amateurs into professionals. This has created a space for Black British Youtubers to go from literally creating amateur videos to creating content for major tv networks.

This is great.

YouTube has allowed opportunities for people of particular demographics who are marginalised by the constructs of society to build networks of value. Their gifts and talents have unlocked new pastures and their presence has filled the void of the lack of representation and their voices offer us something we all very much needed.

Here is a list of Black British YouTubers who are supplying the world with their unique talents:
Mikai Mcdermott

Just last month, I was recommended to watch Mikai Mcdermott and she has been a breath of fresh air. Intelligent, resourceful and personal is how I would describe her content. From politics to mental health; from sex and faith to beauty. What makes her YouTube channel significant is her ability to express her thoughts and opinions on social/psychological issues in society from a black perspective.

Word on the Curb

This platform expresses the voices of millennials in an authentic and intriguing way. Word on the Curb, founded by Hayel Wartemberg and Ndubuisi Uchea, touches various topics from sex to racism, from culture to relationships and loads of other topics that affect today’s generation.

Suli Breaks

The spoken word artist from London has several videos with millions and millions of views. However this is not what makes him great. Suli uses his gifts to transforms a nation of young people who may feel like the black sheep to fulfil their potential at all costs. He is one of many who have taken the benefits of social media to new heights and his work has taken him across the globe for workshops, motivational talks and poetry performances.


What makes this content creator special is her larger than life personality. She is funny, witty and unapologetic. What began as hair & beauty channel has naturally evolved into a sit down talk show with the host Melachild leading the rants. Her topics range from hair & beauty to general life experiences such as sex and relationships and answering questions from her social media followers.


Karl and Cassandra Lokko are the duo behind the channel that is filled with hope, joy and abundance. Both husband and wife are genuine, authentic and raw and their content gives you insight to what it means to keep faith and persevere. Majority of their content will leave you feeling inspired as they recount their transformation of who they were to who they stand today.

Eman Kellam

“No GCSE’s, no A-levels; you will end up in Mcdonalds!” this  classic line was made famous by Eman Kellam’s father. This viral prank which saw Eman prank his father about getting his girlfriend pregnant will forever be a sketched into people’s memories. Eman Kellam who started Youtube in 2012 before he was 16 is now hosting and interviewing Hollywood actors and superstar models. As Eman quite frankly put it “I am bringing the hood to Hollywood”.

Nissy Tee

We first became of Nissy through her time duelling with misogynistic views on the very popular online show BKChat. Intelligent and articulate it was no surprise to most that she is a student at Cambridge University. Her youtube channel is a discourse on society and life experiences and she uses her platform to encourage, strengthen and to share love amongst each other.

Michael Dapaah

“The ting goes skrraaa” Need we say more. Michael Dapaah has captured the world’s attention with his viral freestyle, and now single which has reached to Number 8 on the UK Charts. The actor/comedian is known for his SWIL (Somewhere In London) series, directed by Marvin Brown, which is a mockumentary following the lives of different individuals on their unique journeys of success. Michael Dapaah plays all the lead characters, (very reminiscent of Eddie Murphy) and this is a true testament to creative genius powers within this young creative.