Project 1957 have put together a cultural and theatrical live performance to entertain our souls on Sunday, 15th and Monday, 16th May, 2016.  
‘ANANSI & The London Girl’ at the Lost Theatre is written by Benjamin Bennett & Kay Dove and the latter who also directs the play alongside Clara Bakosi.
“Anansi is finally caught by the infamous ganglord Kwesi Kunu, after weeks of pursuit stemming back to an incident in which Kwesi Kunu is double-crossed by the Trickster. With his life at risk, Anansi manages to talk his way out of being killed by offering to complete any task Kwesi Kunu requires. However, it seems as if Anansi has bitten more than he can chew when one of the tasks involves finding a London wife for the ganglord…”

The cast features a host of talented actors & actress from across the African Diaspora: – Tom Moutchi as ANANSI, Mark Akintimehin as KWESI KUNU, Tracey Acheampong as ESI, Tomi Jatto as MICHELLE, Wini Opoku as ESI’S MUM/MOTHER COMFORT and Kofi Sampaney as CHIEF KWAME.

Tickets for the eagerly anticipated play on Sunday, 15th May 2016 are sold out! But you still have the opportunity to purchase tickets for Monday, 16th May 2016 showing.
Published by  @Kofi Dwaah