Leaving the love door open on that one relationship can beg that question – How did we get here? Is a new web series drama that depicts a complicated love story between Dwale (played by Stephen Boyce) and Kimani (played by Kamara Bacchus).

Dewale is a musician, in a relationship with a musician, Michelle (played by Monique Sian Mundle) and Imani, a lawyer is engaged to Michael (played by Michael Gyekye). Dewale and Imani both “appear” to have moved on but even after years of not crossing paths you’re able to deduce their raw and undeniable passion for each other is alive more than ever.
The lead actors both play their characters extremely convincingly, as their onscreen chemistry absorbs you into their world. Writer/director Leon Mayne (co-creator and writer of Brothers With No Game) and Olan Collardy have put together a well-thought out production, from the choice of music, setting locations and use of camera angles, which makes this five piece web series an eye-pleasing and entertaining watch.

My only critique of this show is that I wish the episodes never ended, nonetheless, the creators were able to deliver top-quality viewing and left me wanting more.

How did we get here? is a show you can watch alone, or with friends, or even with a partner over a bottle of wine and some nibbles.

The full first season is available now to watch on the BWNG:

Writer – Kofi Dwaah

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Review: ‘How did we get here?’ - looks like another hit from the Brother With No Games team
Superb castCaptivating imagery and storylineSeriously addictive
4.5Overall Score
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