Review: Chuku's Chop ⧫ Chat ⧫ Chill - pop up kitchen
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Chuku’s – Chop ⧫ Chat ⧫ Chill lived up to its name plus more! The Nigerian-inspired tapas pop-up kitchen in Palm2 event space was the perfect setting – overlooking Clapton Pond on a sunny Sunday; this event had success written all over it.

I walked into a packed venue with the air filled with aromatic flavours and spices, vibrant and chilled Afrobeats being played, infused to create a relaxed ambience. The decor was perfectly arranged with palm trees, crafted wood tables, and chairs, and pictures celebrating successful British Nigerians from the likes of Skepta, JME and Sophie Okonedo, added to the open and intimate vibe.

Chuku’s offered a Nigerian-inspired tapas selection – an adaptation of Spanish tapas. The menu had balance and varied selection for vegetarians and meat eaters. The prices were very reasonable, and the tapas style provided the option to nibble on multiple dishes! This made it a memorable and enjoying dining experience for people like myself who haven’t tried Nigerian food.
The instant favourite amongst the guests was the Jollof quinoa and was sold out by the time I was able to place my order – maybe next time! Nevertheless, I helped myself to some vegetarian pies and sweet plantains.
IC3MAG Verdict = Heavenly.
The hosts were so busy, but luckily I was able to steal a few minutes of their time – “We had this idea for three years, it’s truly a blessing seeing my dream turn into a reality” said Emeka.


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Their full story will be published later this week!
Photographer & Writer – Kofi Dwaah