In 2016, there are many ways to keep fit. Exercise keeps evolving; people don’t have to force themselves to go to the gym anymore. You can have fun while trying to keep fit.  If you like to listen and dance to Reggae and Dancehall; Reggae Aerobics is the workout class for you!

Founded by Chrystle Perkins in 2012, the concept of Reggae Aerobics came from her passion and love of dancing to Reggae and Dancehall music. The more she grew, the more her love for the genre also grew.  Dance moves such as the Bogle and the butterfly were some of the first dance moves to come out of Jamaica and intrigued Chrystle.


“I prefer group exercise classes as going to the gym is not fun for me.” Thus, Chrystle wanted to come up with a fun and new type of exercise class. After having children, her determination to keep fit and healthy grew. “When people go clubbing they are in fact working out, I think everyone who likes to party has worked up a sweat while shaking a leg. Dance is a form of exercise, only thing is you won’t see anyone warming up or stretching before they skank out to there favourite tunes. Reggae Aerobics is a great way to dance and enjoy yourself in a safe environment.”
Her children are her inspiration. Having three children made Chrystle determined to get rid of the excess weight, which comes from childbirth.


“Having my babies are my biggest achievement and I have unconditional love for them.  I am also showing them that you can be your own boss by doing what makes you happy and turning your dreams into reality.”

Her clients are also her inspiration. “I love and care for my clients regardless of whether they can dance or not. The most important thing for anyone who attends a Reggae Aerobics class is that they have fun and try their best to workout. I feel very proud when clients give testimonies and even invite family or friends. Personally, I think Reggae Aerobics is the best dance workout out there.” 

Being a mother and starting up a business has been a challenge. “I have not been able to do as many classes as I would like to because I have a young family. These challenges are met with my determination to grow and expand my team.” Motivation has also become a challenge for Chrystle. “My energy is usually fresh at the beginning of the week, but by the end of the week it may not be as strong, and I find myself managing the art of determination and sustainability. When you’re creating a business on your own, it can be difficult at times to keep yourself motivated, but I am driven by my passion. I have a strong support network of family and friends. With this support, I’ve been able to build up Reggae Aerobics.”


Reggae Aerobics takes place every Tuesday and Wednesday in Holloway and West Hampstead. Music from J Capri, Vybz Kartel, Sean Paul, and Ms. Dynamite, as well as others, can be heard in the class when working out. The music played in class is clean as Reggae Aerobics is an inclusive class for men and women and is appropriate for many ages. This class is also available for events;
“Reggae Aerobics is very versatile and is suitable for any occasion/ event,” from youth events such as the ‘Camden Young Girls Sports Day’ in Coram Fields and ‘Islington Rose Bowl Youth Service,’ to weddings.  Reggae Aerobics has also performed at ‘Bestival,’ based in The Isle of Wight in 2014 and 2015 where she performed on the main stage.


Subject – Chrystle Perkins
Photography & written – Cris Blaize