Hannah: Every YouTuber has their personalities. I often talk about my admiration for beauty YouTubers and how much I can personally relate to them which is great. Why did you start to decide to put yourself out there? 
Esther: People kept nudging me to start Youtube. The buzz had lasted for a few months before I lacked a bit of interest. I took a little break, and after finishing university at London College of Fashion, I came back to YouTube after a year and put my all into it.H: What motivated you to come back? 

Esther: I needed to be equipped with camera stuff and have a proper plan with the content of my YouTube videos. Due to studying Creative Direction for Fashion, I began to look at things so differently, from the quality of YouTube clips; to even Instagram photos! I want someone to lock into my YouTube clips and gain from it.

H: What does beauty mean to you? 

Esther: An expression of whoever you feel like you are. Beauty doesn’t have to be a certain type i.e. skin colour or anything in order to feel beautiful. Even now I am still accepting the kind of beauty I am.


H: Do you feel as though your YouTube videos inspire others?

Esther: I want people to watch it to be inspired overall, and try it! Try the looks, share your thoughts. I don’t want you to be inspired by my makeup, but everything! There are loads of beauty YouTubers out there, and many people might see it as competition, but I don’t. I do YouTube for myself and what I wish to share with others.

H: What is your day-to-day like? 

Esther: Emails, LOTS of research, bits of work, and then go pick up my son from school.

H: No way, I never would have guessed that you have a son! What’s your son’s name? 

Esther: I call him Koko, but his full name is Korede.

H: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

Esther: I don’t know! (laughs). I’ve had my mind on some businesses that I’d love to start up. I’d also like to collaborate with some beauty companies and have my name on a few things.


H: What are your views on how some men negatively see make-up? 

Esther: Men don’t have an appreciation for make-up the way we do. The way girls see it is that it makes them feel/look better. For me, I feel a bit more confident and therefore want to ‘turn up.’ Men tend to question why we need it, and they should stop; they should appreciate it the way we do. A majority of men prefer to approach a female when she’s more dressed up anyway.H: But what do you think of men that say they prefer natural females, do you think that is an exaggeration? Should women, therefore, be more natural? 

Esther: I think it’s important for women to have a healthy balance when they are or are not wearing makeup. It’s not good for a woman’s self-esteem if she depends on make-up for her everyday look. You wouldn’t feel worth it or adequate.

H: Do you think you could go 30 days without make-up? 

Esther: Yes, if I didn’t have a party to go to! I would want to portray myself the best I could. People think I wear makeup every day and that’s a lie. I have videos of me wearing no makeup without trying to make it so much of a statement. Presentation is important, and because I’m representing something, it’s essential to feel the part.

H: Would you like to collaborate and hook up with some YouTubers? 

Esther: I am speaking to some new YouTubers as it’s not easy starting out! I think it’s important that we support each other as much as possible. It’s hard to believe in yourself when you are doing it all on your own, so it’s great to have a community.

H: How do you support yourself financially? 

Esther: I review hair companies and advertise their products also, so it’s good to support.

H: Have you always gone through a dry spell career-wise? 

Esther: Always! It’s scary, and I’m not much of a serious person, so I don’t let it bring me down. I’d rather follow my dreams and do what I enjoy rather than doing the typical 9 to 5. To be a creative/freelancer, it’s more of a sacrifice. You have to break it till you make it! But it’s important to be yourself. I’ve always had the mentality that I physically can’t work for someone else.

H: So you feel like you work for yourself already? 

Esther: Definitely. I’m up in the morning, check emails, contact clients, network, YOUTUBE! The list doesn’t end.

H: The fact that you studied at London College of Fashion as well as having a son and pursuing a career is inspiring. Did you ever feel that juggling these would limit you? 

Esther: No way – When I was in university it was only difficult when I tried to find time to focus. Now I know what I want. I am married to my YouTube channel, and that’s that. As for my child, he is very supportive of what I do. He loves games and watches lots of YouTube videos. I won’t tell him my YouTube name as I know he’ll show me off to his classmates!

H: Do you feel free? 

Esther: Yes. I can express myself creatively. I often think that maybe my videos may not appeal to everyone until it’s published and the comments make me feel otherwise! I’m happy more than anything and can honestly say this is the best job I’ve ever had.

H: Being a woman, I have often come across men that don’t like women wearing makeup, and have even expressed those feelings to me. I feel that women have the right to do what they choose with their bodies. If it makes them feel good, then why not? Especially if it isn’t harming anybody – express your views by commenting below.

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