I’m sure you know what I mean when I say ‘we’. Particularly in London I’m seeing lots of amazing diaspora/culturally related events, tying people and communities together in beautiful harmony. I experienced this yesterday, on what felt like my first bank holiday weekend in ages.

Chop x Beats was a day party in the heart of Hackney, full of good vibes, friendly people, delicious food, and great music! I told many people about Chop x Beats leading up to the event, with several positive replies and an immediate action popping it in the diary, until I mentioned it being a purchase ticket event.

“Oh no, suddenly I have plans.”
“I physically can’t pay for an event.”
“Times are hard.”

I understand the economy is hard, life is hard, money doesn’t grow on trees, but all I heard were excuses, lack of care, and an additional reason as to why there seems to be a disconnection between black and minority ethnic communities in Westernised countries. 

“Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”
– Mattie Stepanek

Fear not, this didn’t in any way affect the outcome or excellent results that came out of chop x beats. People willingly not only gave up their time, but happily invested in a refreshing, innovative, lively and friendly vibe. It shows that they want chop x beats to prosper, to continue, and to build! That’s what we need to start doing with start-ups.

I’m thankful for platforms like chop x beats, Chuku’s which is the first ever Nigerian tapas bar, The FriendZone done by the brilliant Magnum Opus Events, and more. 

Invest in start-ups, support your friends and their events, and experience a different and enjoyable way to socialise.

Planning events like Chop x Beats are so hard and often stressful, and there was nothing more warming than seeing the smiles on Kofi and Jeffrey’s faces at the end of the 10 hour day party which finished with an utter success. 

We left wanting more and thoroughly enjoyed the bank holiday weekend!

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Written by Hannah Ajala