There are beyond thousands of apps worldwide to access and utilise online; whether that be to organise, experience, entertain, and more. But what if I told you that through the use of TiTo – (Talent in, Talent out} mobile app, with your professional experiences, opportunities could come into fruition just at the tip of your fingers? Meet the inquisitive co-founder Michael Makinde, who thought out of the box with this beyond brilliant idea.

Hannah: What do you do?

Michael: I’m currently an IT analyst at Lloyds Bank. I also consider myself an entrepreneur with love for business.

H: Do you believe there are more opportunities needed out there for freelancers?

Michael: Not so much more opportunities are needed, but better opportunities that cater for the needs of a mobile-first generation and the next to come.

There are so many services out there that are doing great and have excellent offerings, but it’s hard to find services that put your work first. I believe that makes things more difficult for young individuals as everyone is so concerned, and rightly so, by your credentials and the amount of experience you have before they can trust your work. That’s a mentality of the past generation; it doesn’t work for the millennials anymore.

I believe the amount of experience you have doesn’t stop your work from being great. What a lot of these services are forgetting is that your work speaks louder than any text you can read on a screen, or how many years of experience you can say you “supposedly” have under your belt.

“How do you even measure experience in text or speech? Nobody cares about what you can say anymore; our attention spans are so short that reading something longer than 140 characters already bores us…” 

Presenting your work first before talking about your work experience grabs people’s attention quicker and speaks louder than any text ever could – And what speaks louder than the work itself, is the friends who have previously used the service or freelancer before you and are now recommending it to you. You are more likely to use a service or freelancer that your friends recommend than using a complete stranger, and we cater for that word of mouth with TiTo.

It seems like all these freelance services are missing out on the bigger picture. I believe we built the answer.

H: What is Tito and is there a story behind the invention of TiTo?

Michael: I was very unsatisfied with the lack of opportunities in regards to chasing your passions and the careers you love. Ask a friend tomorrow if they like their job or if it fulfils their underlying passion, chances are it doesn’t scratch the surface of their aspirations.

TiTo is the last job application you will ever need. TiTo makes it easy for you to find and create the jobs you want. If you have a skill and previous work to prove it, you can list it with our mobile app. It’s that simple! Two very distinct missions we are weaving into one coherent aim ⎯ Find Everything. Create Anything.


H: It’s such a creative concept for an app. How sure are you that this hasn’t been done before?

Michael: As the prolific rapper Nas said in his raps – “There is nothing new under the sun.” Everything is just a remix of everything else.

There is Facebook and Twitter, Google and Yahoo, Apple and Microsoft, Apple Music and Spotify the list goes on. It’s not about if it hasn’t been done before, it’s about the way you do it that makes it different, and the way you do it can never be replicated, because of how everyone’s individual experiences in life are motivated by different needs and wants. You can’t replicate that!

We are making TiTo because we believe there needs to be a better way for people to create their dream job and chase their passions. We want to make it easier for people to find all the different types of freelance services people offer in their area, not just the popular ones but the niches such as Henna artists, Product Photographers, Yoga teachers, cocktail specialists, etc. All the skills under the sun.


H: What three things would you do to alter the job field today?

1. Get rid of the experience gap needed for a job.
2. Make practical experience mandatory in every career sector. E.g., placement or work experience, including education.
3. A push towards a culture that embraces multifaceted individuals._mg_8595

H: How is the new year looking for TiTo?

Michael: Amazing, new visual to look out for, more magazine features, collaboration projects with individuals and companies. Most importantly the continuous growth of our TiTo community.

H: What personal goals do you hope to achieve?

Michael: Revolutionising the mindset towards jobs that create a balance between career aspirations, talent, and experience.

Cultivating a community themed that solely focuses on investment in our natural resources, e.g., talented individuals with the abundance of skill.

Bring happiness to more people’s lives.

H: Do you feel free?

Michael: Of course, TiTo relies heavily on the fact that people feel free to pursue their deepest desires in life. Free to become their passion is the ethos we echo at TiTo.

(from left to right)
Michael Makinde & Efosa Omorogbe

To find out more about TiTo read the founder’s story behind TiTo here:

The founders of TiTo gave us a live demo of the app, and we at IC-FREE believe this is an app which will positively change the lives of many creatives, entrepreneurs, freelancers who want to start their own business. Stayed tuned to IC-FREE for a follow-up conversation with the very busy Efosa Omorogbe, the creative graphic designer who is also a co-founder of TiTo, Head Creative at Many Ogilvy Hands, and Creative Solid at Formless while currently studying at university.

Subject – Michael Makinde
Writer – @Hannah Ajala
Photographer – @Kofi Dwaah Jr