It’s refreshing standing next to my good friend and drummer Carl who’s part of this exciting and new venture. I remember seeing his memorable surname ‘Sackey’ associated with a new family business. Sackey’s Cakes is a 30-year family tradition which birthed from a mother’s love of baking for her family.

Hannah: How would you describe the inspiration behind these delicious cakes?

Carl: It’s something we’ve been doing for a while. My mother started baking from the age of 5. She was baking with a coal pot, with the fire and the wood back home in Ghana. Whenever there is a family occasion or party, we’re all guaranteed some cake. With every single birthday of mine and my siblings came a cake, and we can’t get enough of it. We love it in our house and always look forward to it.

H: Wow, impressive! I don’t mean to sound shocked, but it’s not very often you hear of a young Ghanaian man making cakes.

Carl: I love cooking, it’s in our family. My mum is a chef, so I get it from her. I love spending extra time in the kitchen. I could take like half an hour to even make an omelette. I’m a perfectionist, so I like things being perfect.

H: How would you describe this new venture, Sackey’s Cakes, in three words?

Carl: It’s amazing, challenging, and fun. You get to meet new people all the time! The fun aspect is feedback I get from people who taste the cakes too. A Brazilian lady who ate the cakes told me it reminded her of her grandmother’s cakes when she was little. For me, that meant a lot as it falls entirely in line with our core essence at Sackey’s Cakes. I became so excited when she said that!

sackey2 H: Who does the dynamic team consist of?

Carl: Well it’s a massive team, from my mother baking, my brother Josiah who is in charge of accounts and operations, and being the founder I oversee everything ensuring things run smoothly and efficiently, such as the branding as I studied marketing. Muriel has helped with our social media a lot, and Ivy looks after the PR. Not to mention, the moral support of my sisters. We’re so thankful for other people who have also helped in driving this business.

H: As you know, June is summer in London and also a busy time of the year – what can we expect from Sackey’s Cakes this month and beyond?

Carl: Now we’re focusing on events; that’s where our strong passion is. As it gives us a chance to relate with people on a more personal level. There’s so much going on this summer – weddings, parties – I don’t want to say funerals but… *laughs*. We aim to be at every big event and festival out there. The ultimate goal is for Sackey’s Cakes to be in every household, the same way you’ll always see a loaf of bread in your bread bin.

H: Why should I taste Sackey’s Cakes?

Carl: Well there are lots of cakes out there. But with Sackey’s Cakes, it’s more than just a cake – it’s an experience that will take you back to your childhood. It’s about family, history, love and we look forward to you experiencing it.

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Subject – Carl Sackey
Writer – Hannah Ajala