REVIEW: NNO presents Who taught you? exhibition
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23rd July 2015 was the launch of one of the most exciting art exhibitions I’ve seen.

Who Taught You? Is the name of the exhibition which takes inspiration from a Malcolm X speech; Who taught you to hate yourself? The exhibition portrays the beauty of black women.  From slim black ladies to curvy, women with African attire, to women with no attire; the exhibition has it all.


Black women are well represented in several different ways. NNO (Nubian Nights Out) are the people who put the event together. Members Relle Douglass and Kimberly Williams (photographer) put together the exhibition in Battersea’s Gallery On The Corner.
Talented American artist Passions Ink was also displaying his work at this exhibition. His work was a mix of painted artwork combined with photography.
The art on show and the people who came to view it was the highlights of the night for me. Not only were there great photos which celebrated black beauty, but there were also many people who care about black beauty. Like-minded people who want to make a change about the way black people are portrayed in the media and society.

This event was fresh, classy and meaningful. There were endless glasses of wine and appetising nibbles too. Other entertainment included DJ and singer Omar, who sang the classic “There’s Nothing Like This”.


Models from the exhibition such as teacher Melenie Hibbert was present and mentioned that “itis good to see black women captured in such a magnificent way; it’s so empowering.”

Unlike many other exhibitions, there wasn’t a caption in sight – there was no need for descriptions as the pictures themselves spoke volumes. “True reflection of reality, July,” says spoken word artist and DJ Nat Nye, which he used to express his thoughts of the exhibition.

My favourite piece from the night was a painting from Passions Ink. The painting was of a woman’s face – the artist had used a range of colours to produce the image. “When you add all of the colours from this picture, it makes the colour black.”
If you’re interested in art and want to see the importance and relevance of how Black women would like to be portrayed, then make your way to The Gallery In The Corner and enjoy an unforgettable evening of exploring the identity of a Black female.
Date: 24 – 2 July 2015
Admission : £3

Location: Gallery on the corner, 155 Battersea Park Rd, London, SW8 4BU


Photographed and written by – Cris Blaize