“The forces that unite us are intrinsic and greater than the superimposed influences that keep us apart.” – Kwame Nkrumah

 6th March 1957 is the day Ghana (formerly known as the Gold Coast) was declared a free sovereign state; Ghanaians were no longer under the rule of United Kingdom; it’s intriguing to think that Queen Elizabeth II was once the Queen of Ghana.

Last Sunday 6th March Ghanaians and many other nationalities across the world celebrated Ghana’s independence day in various ways; which led me to London’s Leicester Square, where a special event was put on in celebration of the land of gold.

Project 1957 – The Spring Soirée.

I experienced a place full of beautiful people; some dressed in traditional wear, others in evening wear, and some who even creatively infused the two. It became a night full of networking, inspiring talks, and dancing. DJ Special D rightly lived up to his name and kept the audience buzzing with Afrobeats and Highlife playing throughout. the event.

I was captivated to the beginning to the end, and here were our few standout moments of the evening entertainment:

Aretha Anderson’s rendition of Wizkid and R2Bess ‘ Slow Down’ which was simply immaculate.

Empowering and successful poet, Suli breaks sharing his journey of defying the only career paths traditional African parents know – ‘Doctor, Lawyer or an Accountant’ – a story that millions across the diaspora can relate too.

Learning about the amazing work of William Adoasi and his watch company, Vitae London – with every watch purchase directly helps fund a child’s education for a year in Africa.

The hosts/organisers Benjamin Bennet and Caro Oheema deserve the highest rewards for creating a space where like-minded people can come together and celebrate culture & identity in unapologetic fashion. We can’t wait to see what future events Project 1957 has installed for us.

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Writer & Photographer – @Kofi Dwaah

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