Let’s keep it real, there’s a lot of irrelevant information or what they label as “news” being overly publicised in the media. Some of the information we take in these days makes me think – What value does it add to my life?” Why is it news when a famous person buys their groceries or some
stereotypical idiocy is trending worldwide? Would you please give us something worth our time that will inspire us?
Here is the birth of iC3…
iC3 {i-see-free} – is an online publication showcasing positive news and stories from people just like you and I in an artistic way. You’ll have the chance to read to read captivating stories about people from all walks of life – doctors, teachers, artists, chefs and business owners, the list really goes

What’s the aim? To inspire with stories of others who are following their passion and who are contributing to our culture and society. We want to redefine labels, open boxes, unlock doors, and ultimately see free.

Day to day we go past millions of faces, have you ever thought to yourself; that person looks interesting, I wonder what they do. We are bridging the gap between strangers and sparking conversations and thoughts with the aim of inspiring you onto greater things.
What to expect? Emotive and uplifting stories that highlight our everyday lives. There are no limits to iC3 mag, so open your mind and see free with us. The person you thought that worked in the busy restaurant just might be the owner of the place, and may possibly lead you to discover/follow your passion.

Make sure you bookmark this blog, you don’t want to be missing out on the story that could lead you to follow your passion.

Kofi Dwaah Jr.