JUS SOLI will be premiered at Raindance Film Festival as part of the Radical Agendas short film programme: October 2nd 12:00pm Vue Piccadilly, 19 Lower Regent Street, London SW1Y 4LR
JUS SOLI opens up a discourse on the Black British experience; interrupting the emotional transition between generations and questioning what it means to be British.
An experimental film that charts the changing emotions of Britain’s Black population, from a Caribbean on the SS Windrush: full of hope and love for the “motherland” to a disaffected British youth angry, alienated and marginalised in British society. Splicing together archive footage, filmed scenes, sounds and images to build an image of Britain struggling to relinquish it’s colonial powers.
The film shines light on the under represented tragedy of 13 British youths killed in The New Cross House Fire, 18th January 1981.
The film features a powerful performance from Nicholas Pinnock (Fortitude & Topboy) and a never heard before re-recording of “New Craas Massahkah” from acclaimed dub-poet Linton Kwesi Johnson.
Created by London film collective Somebody Nobody after securing funding through the Ideas Tap short film award. Creating films with visceral potency Somebody Nobody construct experiences that leave viewers with questions and challenges to assimilate ideas.

Executive produced by James Rogan and Paulette Randall MBE